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  • Oasis of peace, Bovec, Slovenia

  • Oasis of peace on a golf course

  • Waterfall Gljun, in the nearby

  • Golf course next to the house

  • Appartment house

  • Oasis of peace on a golf course


Perfect location for extended family


Planning a family get together or maby your child has a birthday? Why not consider a few days away in the nature?

Keeping the whole family happy on holiday can be tricky but our apartment house with its location can help you to spend some quality time together. We've got a great selection of activities available nearby - ideal for family reunion.


Perfect location for the youngest investigators;

Away from main street and urban noises and just 3 kilometres from the tourist centre Bovec; Surrounded by mountains, hills, rivers and forest; The youngest can explore a lot of secret places and explore the nature in the safety place.


Together discover natural wonders in the nearby;

The appartment house stays on a walking trail to the waterfall Virje, water source Gljun, village Plužne-cultural heritage; 


Outdoor space

We've got a big outdoor space for playing, recreation,  relaxing under the trees, making picniks etc. We have some sport equipment to lend you (balls, badminton ...).



We appeard to be on a golf course. Once in your life time all your family can try this game for free!  The owner of the house will be more than happy to show you how to hit you first ball. (on a driving range)     






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